Friday, January 02, 2004

Just to be sure, today is the 2nd of January. Hah! I got the date right. Now, let's work on the time. It's 6:00 pm. It's JT's birthday today and my brother-in-law's family is here to celebrate it with us.

I just got word that my best friend, Arlene, is sick. She suffered a minor heart attack. Right after we came home from my mother's house, I checked my mail and there it was. A message from Glennis with the heading saying, "Bad News". I already something was wrong with Arlene. She hasn't answered my email yet and she said she'll be back home on the 29th.

The good thing is she's stable and is out of the ICU. Wish I was in Edmonton right now to at least help with the chores and everything that has to be done.

I can't think straight. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

Funny but my wife asked Coby to accompany Mamang (that's my mother-in-law) to Quiapo for the first Friday mass. Coby wouldn't go unless his Kuya Mickey go with them. Nitz offered to bribe them a hundred pesos each. They went. No wonder they were all dressed up when I woke up this morning.
After a few hours, Mickey had a text message for Kgan which read "Please tell Mama I'm not going to Quiapo again!" HAHAHAHA

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