Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I'm accompanying my advisory section to their retreat. Isn't it great that this retreat house has an internet service?

Thinking that my class was unruly, the CMO Head decided she should come with us. Guess what? I didn't know this and was just told by the woman facilitator yesterday. Guess what? Turns out that my class is well-behaved as I expected. Poor girls. They were told to sleep at ten while the boys who were with me were having a great time telling jokes and scary stories.

The girls were complaining this morning. Told me that it was like martial law in their room, the only thing they can do is breathe. Hahahaha

I don't know what the CMO head is thinking. In my book, retreats are not only reserved for quiet meditation. There should be time when the participants can bunch together and share with one another -- the real stuff -- the one they think is relevant and attuned to their senses. This is the true time that they bond with one another.

The girls will be glad to find out that the CMO Head will be going home tonight.

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