Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I wonder why my last post came out three times. I must've clicked "post" thrice. It's very unlikely but that's the only reason I can think of.

Anyway, I remember the headline of the Inquirer last Sunday. "Miriam bolts from the opposition" or something like that. I could just imagine why. FPJ's choice for VP was Loren Legarda, the "crying lady" during the Erap investigation when the senators asking for the ouster of Erap lost their bid to have the envelop containing the Jose Pidal account opened. This came as a surprise to a lot of people. I could just imagine Miriam's disappointment.

I am disappointed with Loren Legarda, as well. Talk about principles! It seems that this is the first thing thrown out of the basket to ensure winning in the elections. Marcos had been right all along. In politics, you don't have permanent friends, just temporary allies.

Talking about principles, I had been naive to think that members of a political party are there because they believe in the party's cause. I am sooo wrong! Philippine politics is replete with cases of turncoatism. I remember former President Fidel Ramos. When he lost the bid for the presidency in his own political party, he bolted out and formed or joined another which was ready to put him to the arena. It was a good move but then, where was his principles and his political agenda? It seems Loren Legarda is doing a repeat, right?
Hah! Let's see. I still believe the electorate will have a change of mind and FPJ will lose this election. I believe the masses, his stronghold, will wisen up. He's too popular it might run out of steam at the last leg of the journey.

Should he win, then I guess Weng was right. We deserve him.

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