Thursday, January 01, 2004

I haven't gotten any sleep yet. That's the problem with me. If I don't get to close my eyes steadily at about 10 pm, chances are I'll never get to sleep at all! The real dilemma is if I get to sleep earlier, like 9, I would be up at 1:00 am. The magic number is 10. no more no less. Am I weird or just plainly an insomniac?

Oh well, reviewing my blog, I just realized the date is a day late. Hmm, it's american time. Silly me. How do I change the date? I wish I was computer-literate. Right now, the computer to me is just a high tech typewriter. Not to worry. I'll find it. It's just that I haven't really gotten to know this whole blog thing. I'm very lazy!

As I expected, the street party our president was talking about didn't materialize. Right after the children's party at the basketball court, nobody would want to proceed to our street anymore. (No, I wasn't there. I went home right after the oath taking)Really, what parent would want to attend a street party here in the Philippines on New Year's Eve? Everybody expects you to be home, right? Our president's hubby (they live across my house) invited me to come up their azotea for a drink. We ended up finishing a bottle of brandy (and still I couldn't sleep--drats!) The thing is we manage to finish the bottle at 11 which gave me time to join the family, light some sparklers (I couldn't believe I'm did that. I thought those were for sissies... what can I do? I was a teen-ager during the 70's where New Year is firecrackers galore) urged my wife and children to drink red wine (hah! better learn from their dad than from their friends, right?) feast on a simple media noche prepared by the wife and all that... Then, turned the tv on, my sleeping pill which turned out to be my "upper" as the film on HBO was good! Now, it's already 8:30 am and I'm still wide awake! And to think we will be on the road a little later to join my mother in her house. Awww my aching head!

Okay, don't forget, this is the first of January 2004. Man, I'm pathetic when it comes to computers!!!!

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