Sunday, January 04, 2004

I feel lazy since yesterday.

As usual, politics is the main topic in the country today. It seems like every Juan, Tomas and Poldo (naks, pwede kaya yung translation na yun?) are talking about the elections. Like as if they really cared. Come to think about it, does it really matter who is running the affairs of state? I have lived through the Marcos years and nothing happened to me or my family. Of course, we were threatened with a lot of scary stories like should it be known that we didn't vote during elections, we would not be able to go out of the country... but that's about it. My family is not a political one, which I believe is more dangerous. We never fought the establishment so we were not touched.
Okay, before you aim your guns at me, I know the intricacies of government and what a poor president can do to the country. But that's not my main issue. My main concern is that no matter who the president is, it is the people's attitude that will matter most. Our economy is bad simply because we fail to patronize our own products. i have known people who would rather buy signature clothes than buy food to eat.
Driving in the streets of Manila and you will see how we lack discipline. Each one to himself. It's really a jungle out there. Once you learn how to drive, you will also learn to curse and shout invectives, Everybody becomes the enemy. The cops, fellow drivers and pedestrians, all fighting and asserting that they have the right.

Maybe I am not expressing what I want to say clearly this time. however, my main argument is, it's not just who the president is, it is about the constituents as well. I'll leave it at that in the meantime.

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