Thursday, January 29, 2004

Francis Perlas, otherwise known as Mcsi to his friends, was cremated today. The school suspended the high school classes to respect his journey to heaven. Mcsi had been my student since his elementary days. I've known him for about 6 years, at least. We had been working closely during his grade seven as he was a member of my animation club. He really showed promise back then. Unfortunately, we parted ways when I lost interest with animation when we both transferred to the high school. I being interested with debate, he with more important things such as the student organization.

I remember him to be silent but naughty. During the rare moments that he spoke, mostly cracking a joke, everybody would laugh cause he was very funny.

I consider him a hero. I wonder why nobody thought it to be that way. He was called to respond to a call of the organization he was in and he went without question. Being the treasurer of the SRCC, he worked hard, always ready to answer the call of duty. And he did his responsibilities diligently and effectively. No wonder he was much loved by everyone. He was truly a school hero.

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