Saturday, January 24, 2004

As usual, it's Friday night and I and Mario joined Ollie, Edgar, Joven, Ompong and their wives at Redjie's place. The wives were going someplace while us guys decided to stay and drink beer, play billiards and just have some fun. I was playing 8 balls when my celfone rang. I found out it was mrs. Jorolan. I wondered what her call would be so I answered. It was then that I found out that several Senior students who came in from a school activity, (LS2K whatever that is) met a tragic accident somewhere in the South. My student, Francis Perlas passed away as a result of the accident. I immediately called Rolly V to confirm. He was at with the kids who came to the Asian Hospital as soon as they heard about the accident. ANd yes, Francis Perlas had already passed away. This makes us rethink our priorities. He was so young, very promising, a happy kid and has the world at his feet. And yet, he's dead in one single moment. What a loss. I feel sorry for his parents and loved ones.

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