Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I just finished cleaning the house. It's really hard work. And to think we only have a very small house on a small piece of land! I wonder how it is to clean a big house. Never mind! I'd rather clean this one. But then, if we had a big house, then that probably means we could have several housemaids, right? Hmmmm....

We will be having our combined Christmas and New Year's party in our subdivision tonight. I have to attend that for several reasons: 1.) I am the secretary of the association and 2.) it will be held on my street! Aren't those good enough reasons? A street party! this will be different from our previous parties.

Tomorrow, the family will be going to my mother's house in Marikina for our annual get together. I'm sure my mom will be asking me again who I am. I miss my old mom. She used to be very sharp! I miss my dad! I remember the Christmas season during my youth. We used to cook a lot of stuff for media noche. That ham that used to hang by the corner would have been moldy by now so we would clean it thoroughly then cook it with beer and sugar and other stuff. My dad and I would have our hands soaked in hot water cleaning the garbanzos beans and who can ever forget that halayang ube which have to be constantly stirred until it reached a certain consistency. The longer you stirred the harder it got!

Yes, I miss those days! It certainly is different when all you had to do was follow orders and everything was taken care of. Now, I'm the head of the family, I don't think I'm doing any better. I wish I still have mom and dad with us!

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